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Curtain Header Tapes

Our Header Tape range includes woven pocket tape, multi-pocket tape, corded pocket tape, budget tape, net tape and Roman Blind tape. They are available in 500m workroom boxes, display boxes, refill packs; so you can order our quality Header Tapes in the format that best suits your business. Where extra protection and safety is required for the contract markets, we have a range of flame retardant header tapes that conform to the British standard BS 5867 part 2 Type B.

Woven Pocket Tape – Versatile tape that provides a tailored look to curtains and can be used on various pleated curtain styles.

Multi-Pocket Tape – This allows you to create a layered or tiered curtain effect – ideal for heavy curtains or curtains with a lot of fullness.

Corded Pocket Tape –Commonly used in intricate draping and pleating to create a formal and decorative look.

Budget Tape – A more basic and cost-effective header tape that doesn’t offer as much customisation as other tapes, but it is a straightforward option for hanging less formal curtains.

Net Tape – Can also be referred to as sheer tape, this tape is specifically designed to be used for sheer and lightweight curtains. It complements the delicate nature of sheet fabrics.

Roman Blind Tape – The distinctive horizontal folds in a roman blind are created with this tape. It is sewn into the back of the blind fabrics to create pockets where rods can be inserted.