Sampling – please note that we are only able to send out pattern cards, binders and loose fabric samples at this moment in time where it is urgent. As we are working with a skeleton team, these won't be sent out daily unfortunately. Any non-urgent samples will be sent out at a later date once the time is right to return to work fully. Please specify at time of order or contact our customer services team for more information.


Edmund Bell offers a range of interlining options, to both enhance and add value to curtains in residential and commercial premises. These high-quality interlinings serve a number of specific purposes, including improving the properties of blackout curtains and increasing window insulation and energy efficiency. Having the correct curtain interlining in place can be crucial, as it can form an important (though invisible) additional layer, sandwiched efficiently between the fabric face and curtain lining. Interlining fabrics used in our range include a variety of colours for aesthetic blending with your visible curtain layers.

However, we also source interlining fabric of a reliable standard, that functions beautifully, including offering such benefits as being pre-shrunk, and having excellent light protection qualities. This quality assurance – and the strong light, heat and noise control properties inherent in our interlinings – are due to the fact Edmund Bell sources all our products from reputable manufacturers.

Our range includes, for example, Bump interlining, Domette interlining and Sarille interlining. It features interlining materials suitable for high-end silk or cotton curtains, and also more cost effect synthetic interlining fabric that is ideal for both natural and synthetic curtains. Whichever type and finish you select, you can be assured that our interlining fabrics are all well made and durable, improving curtains and supporting their drape effortlessly. All with our usual dedication to efficient customer service, and matching your budget needs perfectly.

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surrounding the COVID-19 Coronavirus

A message to our customers

Things are changing day by day, minute by minute and we think it is important to keep you informed of our service levels during this time.

Following our update yesterday evening, it is clear that a large number of our customers are still able to keep working and many are making products for the NHS and Healthcare environments and continue to require fabric and other products. We want to reassure you:




Our sister company Redwood TTM in Skelmersdale is continuing to manufacture medical equipment and mattresses for the NHS and Healthcare requirements at the request of the Government. Please let us know if they can help you with any medical products.

Call us or alternatively Redwood TTM on 01695 553 830 or email:


We intend to review things on a daily basis in line with government guidelines and will keep you informed of any changes via our website and social media.

Thank you very much in advance for your support and co-operation. Our thoughts are with you all and we hope you and your families keep safe and well during this difficult period.


With best regards

John Atherton

Managing Director


(Updated 3.45pm, 27th March 2020)