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Marine Curtains & Upholstery Fabrics For Ships & Boats

Amongst Edmund Bell’s extensive fabric range is a large number of IMO (International Maritime Organization) compliant products designed with maritime applications in mind. We offer a range of textiles, from luxurious fabrics designed to meet the needs of glamorous cruise liners and yachts, to fabrics and curtain linings suitable for the more practical applications required on merchant vessels such as cargo ships. All the identified fabrics meet marine FR standards and have gained international recognition. Our Marine fabrics can be used throughout the various different areas including the bedrooms, lounges, casinos, restaurants and bars. Our collections can be co-ordinated for use throughout a project including curtains, blinds, sheers, bedding, upholstery and cushions. Specifically, our decorative blackouts and dimouts can influence light, create atmosphere and provide sound absorption in any room to create a wonderful experience. Below you will see a selection of our key products which are most suitable for the marine and cruise sector due to their technical performance features and that they all meet IMO flame retardant regulations - the International Maritime Organisation: the global standard-setting authority for the safety, security and environmental performance of international shipping.