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Curtain & Upholstery Fabric for Healthcare Sector

At Edmund Bell we offer a broad range of fabrics suitable for use across the healthcare market; from sheltered housing and nursing homes, to hospitals. We have a diverse range of colours, patterns and textures that provide a range of functional benefits from sound absorbing, heat insulating, waterproof, stain resistance and anti-microbial properties. All of our fabrics are flame retardant in accordance with the required FR criteria to be used safely in all areas of the healthcare sector. We have a huge range of colour and design options allowing for careful colour combinations to ensure a beneficial effect on residents and patient moods thus having a positive impact on their well-being. Easy care, washability and durability are key priorities in the healthcare sector, and we offer a range of fabric types to meet these needs and more. Our print collections offer great versatility and can be used for curtains, chairs, bedding and accessories such as cushions, pelmets and tiebacks. Our quality base cloths boast the highest levels of flame retardancy and durability suitable for all healthcare environments. Our light exclusion ranges of blackout and dimouts can be used in this sector to provide a level of control, not only on light transmission, but also sound proofing and thermal properties when required. Our woven and print collections can be used to convey a more homely ambience to provide reassurance to residents of nursing and care homes – including children through to adults. Below you will see a selection of our key products which are most suitable for the healthcare sector due to their technical performance features including the ability to wash at 71 degrees for thermal disinfection - but all of our decorative flame retardant fabrics can be used within the healthcare sector.