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SANCTUARY: new woven collection

Living in a busy world and consumed with technology, phones and people, it’s a delight to relax in the Sanctuary of home and cocoon yourself in calm and comfort.

SANCTUARY, our new woven collection comprising of six designs in eight colourways, is a fluid collection embracing the continuous transition of fabric, textures and form. With nature as an overriding influence; organics and fern patterns create a firm retreat from a hectic world.



AURA, the feature pattern, reflects on the ferns and leaves found in our serene countryside. ELIXIR captures the iridescent sparkle of a two-tone effects so often seen as the light sparkles thorough the leaves in the woods. DIVINE adds some form to the relaxed lines of the collection.

PULSE and RHYTHM explore the organic textures and surfaces found in forest landscapes and SERENE adds great textural influence to co-ordinate in an upholstery role. Sheers are included to endorse the diaphanous character of nature adding a whisper of colour and a casual laid-back appeal. Colourways are gentle and atmospheric including versatile neutrals and greys with pops of ginger, lime, teal, damson and indigo.

The Sanctuary collection also has the added benefit of flame retardancy throughout the collection.

View the launch video below:

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