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Edmund Bell springs forward for a brighter future with a new look

We’re delighted to introduce our new brand identity, developed in-line with our positioning as a key partner in the global interior furnishings sector.

The structure and style of the Edmund Bell brand has been updated completely, to achieve a ‘look and feel’ that represents our market-leading position. This new brand focus ensures consistency across all communications collateral, with a user-friendly focus and accessible tone for all our customers.

Using the construction and combining of materials as a start point, we’ve stylised the letter ‘B’ – for Bell – into a distinctive woven effect. This instantly achieves a bolder brand, capable of reasserting our industry position at the forefront of a competitive market.

Our new creative identity comprises a distillation of our 163 years of history, with the entrepreneurial spirit of 1855 still being true in 2018. Moving our product appearance and our wider industry profile into a more clean and contemporary territory – and you’ll soon start to see our product collateral and sample swatches changing to reflect this.

From the exquisite design of our print and woven collections, to the technology-led capabilities of our curtain linings and light control fabrics; Edmund Bell is where design meets performance.

We hope you approve of our new look as much as you like our superior customer service, innovation and product quality.