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Anti-Microbial Fabrics

For a more detailed understanding of anti-microbial fabrics, types of infection, viruses and their lifespans – download our anti-microbial guide here.


What is anti-microbial fabric?

Anti-microbial fabric is treated in a way which permanently kills and inhibits the growth of microbes and bacteria. This helps to keep your fabric smelling great and reducing the risk of potentially harmful pathogens growing within your fabric, without compromise to the handle or face of the fabric.

Anti-microbial fabrics are a hot topic at the moment and becoming increasingly sought after when specifying or choosing fabric for not only contract environments, but domestic environments also.

Anti-microbial has always been a key technical requirement for healthcare environments. Over recent months we have seen increased interest for these fabrics within the hospitality, workplace and education sectors. Specifically where there is a high volume of traffic that will be coming into contact with these surfaces and/or materials, meaning that the risk of infection spreading is higher.



Via cross contamination of surfaces, bacteria and viruses can easily be spread – the risk of transferring viruses is much higher on hard/solid surfaces than on porous surfaces like textiles. Even without treatment, textiles are better than hard surfaces when trying to reduce instances of infection.


What makes anti-microbial fabrics effective for eliminating germs?

Bacteria and viruses can be trapped in the textile such as clothing, seats, sofas, carpets, sheets, curtains, etc……but textiles can be protected in a more permanent way. All textiles may reduce the spreading of the virus, but by treating fabrics with a sustainable, anti-microbial and virus activity reducing technology, there is less chance of spreading the virus. It works whereby the active ingredient is bound to the substrate, attracts the microorganism and then mechanically punctures the cell wall. For a detailed list on which bacteria’s our anti-microbial is effective against, download our anti-microbial guide here.



Anti-microbial fabrics are not a new concept for Edmund Bell. We have been developing our range of upholstery fabrics offering anti-microbial properties over the last couple of years. Enduracare is our unrivalled technology and protection for upholstery fabric.



For a more detailed understanding of anti-microbial fabrics, types of infection, viruses and their lifespans – download our anti-microbial guide here.


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A message to our customers: COVID-19

After the recent government announcement of tighter restrictions starting on Tuesday 5th January - we would like to reassure all our customers that as we are a manufacturing business, we are able to stay open and continue to operate under our well developed COVID-19 secure conditions:


  • We will continue to ship across the UK & internationally – our warehouse is open and we are working safely to get your orders out to you. Should anything change with our carriers - we will update you accordingly.
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We will continue to review things on a daily basis in line with government guidelines and will keep you informed of any changes via our website and social media.

Thank you in advance for your support and co-operation - we hope you and your families keep safe and well.


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John Atherton
Managing Director


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