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Fiona Interviewed For Textintel | Heimtextil 2024

Amid the hustle and bustle of Heimtextil 2024, Sales Director Fiona Napier sat down with Texintel to discuss the dynamic shifts occurring in the contract and hospitality marketplaces in the United Kingdom. These markets are currently undergoing a rapid and profound transformation, driven by the introduction of new materials and the integration of digital innovations. These changes are not only challenging but also reshaping long-standing norms and traditions within the sector.


One of the pivotal catalysts propelling change within the contract and hospitality sectors is the widespread adoption of innovative materials. Traditional construction, interior design, and furniture materials are ceding ground to sustainable, advanced options. This shift, exemplified by the growing use of eco-friendly and recycled materials, resonates with the rising environmental sustainability awareness in the UK. These materials not only reduce carbon emissions but also bring a modern and contemporary edge to hospitality spaces.

In this recent live interview, Fiona delves deep into the dynamic shifts that are currently shaping the landscape of these markets. With a wealth of industry experience and expertise, she provides an in-depth analysis of the changes and trends that are influencing the textile industry.

She goes on to share insights into our strategic investments in cutting-edge digital technologies for customised textile printing and the innovative solutions we’ve developed, including Fabric Hub and PrintLab, which are revolutionising the way we approach textile printing.


During the interview, they explore the various dimensions of this transformation, focusing on the advantages they bring to clients and how they are propelling the future of contract textiles and printing in the United Kingdom.


You can catch the full interview here: