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Sister of Charity of St. Pauls Apostle, Birmingham


Our client, Haywoods, was collaborating with on-site contractors and architects on a Covent refurbishment for Sister of Charity of St. Pauls Apostle in Birmingham.  They wanted to sympathetically restore the beautiful original features throughout the residency whilst bringing a refreshingly modern update to the interior. When it came to needing curtains, our client suggested Edmund Bell fabrics.



Edmund Bell worked closely with our client, focusing our attention on sourcing a fabric that not only harmonises with the Grade II listed building but also revitalises its inherent beauty. After careful consideration, PULSE Mineral and PULSE Mercury, both from our PRISM woven collection were chosen, thanks to their expressive metallic structures and excellent specifications. To date, our client has provided 35 pairs of motorised track curtains, with additional installations planned for 2024 as part of the ongoing refurbishment project.



PULSE Mineral

PULSE Mercury


Inherently flame-retardant and textured to emulate the changing colours of crushed leaves, PULSE stands out from the crowd. With expressive structures that enhance the metallic effect of many of the 18 colourways. This attractive bold range has excellent practical qualities as it meets UK and international flame retardant standards. Therefore, this stunning fabric is suitable for the healthcare, hospitality and workplace markets, as well as in a domestic setting.