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Understanding Flame Retardant and Fire Retardant Fabrics

Flame retardant fabrics are essential to use for a number of residential and commercial applications. Fire retardant fabrics are often a necessary safety feature to incorporate within any venue, from bars and restaurants to hotel rooms. Flame retardant fabric is considered safer as it takes a longer time to burn than normal, combustible fabrics. The […]

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Acoustic Fabric Absorbency

What is Acoustic Fabric Absorbency?

Sound absorption is where sound waves make contact with an absorbent surface. Once the sound waves hit that particular material, some of the wave is absorbed and doesn’t bounce back into the room. Interior designers will know that while designing any space, considering the end use of the room is essential. Each well designed space […]

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Red Alert

Red Alert: are you ready for red? Not simply traffic lights, post boxes, telephone boxes and of course London busses – it is the colour of love and passion. It also signifies luck and prosperity in the Oriental world. Chilli has been a trendy colour in upholstery of late, so ECLIPSE and INSPIRE chilli have […]

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Silver Lining

The first recorded use of silver as a colour tone in the UK was in 1481. So, what is the meaning of silver colour? The colour silver is associated with meanings of industrial, sleek, high-tech and modern, as well as ornate, glamourous, graceful, sophisticated and elegant. Silver is a precious metal and, like gold, often […]

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Reflection blackout fabric

The Importance of Fabric Durability

Sourcing quality upholstery fabrics and textiles is bound to take time and effort. You want to be sure you’re selecting the right fabric for your furnishings; textiles that suit the room aesthetically, while remaining durable and safe to use. So, just how important is fabric durability? This article will discuss the importance of fabric durability […]

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What is buckram fabric?

What is Buckram Fabric?

Buckram fabric is a stiff cotton that often incorporates strengthening elements such as glues. From book covers to hats, the strength of buckram fabric means that hard-wearing structures can be created with ease. Due to these great structural qualities, buckram is used in making or enhancing curtain designs. In this guide, we’ll discuss what buckram […]

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What is woven fabric

What is Woven Fabric, and When Should Woven Fabrics Be Used?

Woven fabric is named after the way it’s constructed. It’s an extremely useful type of fabric that we use a great deal in our everyday lives. This is due to its durability and versatility, as there are many types of woven fabric that are manufactured for particular purposes. In this guide, we’ll be taking a […]

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Hospitality Venues Fabrics

Which Fabrics are Suitable for Hospitality Venues?

Hospitality venues such as restaurants, cafes, hotels and bars, may have rather different requirements to ordinary spaces. As atmospheric spaces that serve food and drinks, it can be tricky to source the perfect upholstery and curtain fabrics for hospitality venues. The first idea that comes to mind when thinking about fabrics for hospitality venues is; […]

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Urban Art

Modern abstract and urban art plays an important part in our interior spaces. Influenced by colour, texture, size and content, artworks can seriously enhance and compliment any contemporary scheme. Abstract art can express an endless variety of moods, fading softly into the background or taking charge of a room with bold colour and form. So […]

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Green Peace

Green is a cool colour that symbolizes nature and the natural world. Perhaps because of its strong associations with nature, it is often thought to represent tranquillity, good luck, health and jealousy. Researchers have also found that green can improve reading ability. Some students may find that laying a transparent sheet of green paper over […]

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What are the Different Types of Curtain Linings?

Curtain linings are often overlooked, but they can be one of the integral parts of the curtain itself. Making an impact on light penetration, noise reduction and even the amount of heat that enters a room, curtain linings are an important factor to consider when selecting the perfect set of curtains. This guide will look […]

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The Different Types of Curtains

What Are The Different Types of Curtains?

Curtains are a significant element within any interior space. The type of curtains you choose for your home or business can have a huge impact on a room’s ambiance. They are often designed to carefully regulate the amount of light, noise and insulation within a space. The types of curtains you’ll select will depend on […]

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Home Office Style

The concept of the home office has been creeping up on us. With more and more people working from home and companies realising the benefit of higher productivity. There is a growing trend to the notion of working from home but still belonging to a larger organisation, and with Teams, Zoom, Cisco, Webex and the […]

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Furniture Upholstery Fabric Guide

Selecting the ideal upholstery fabric for your furniture can make or break any interior environment. Whether you’re looking to upholster furniture for a commercial business, residential or an institutional setting; it’s important to take a few things into consideration when selecting the ideal textiles. What is Upholstery Fabric? By definition, ‘upholstery’ is the act of […]

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Bali Freedom

Following on from our Indian Extravaganza blog, the eleventh and final trend we explore in our Global Traveller series is Bali Freedom. There is no shortage of inspiration to be found in Bali. Its ancient temples and palaces, lush jungles, dreamy beaches and terraced rice fields make it an island of incomparable beauty. Asia continues to cultivate clean lines and gentle […]

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Indian Extravaganza

Following on from our South American Desert Style blog, the tenth trend we explore in our Global Traveller series is Indian Extravaganza. Consider ogee trellis doorways and a myriad of textile embellishments together with Indian patterns rich in ornament and colour….simply how can you not be inspired! So much of the Indian look can be captured with rich ornamental patterns, found […]

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Come and explore…MATRIX and EQUILIBRIUM

EQUILIBRIUM and MATRIX are the latest ranges to be added to our woven fabrics portfolio.   Both ranges are rich in character offering exciting tonal combinations with plenty of modern neutrals and exciting colours to choose from.    With a choice of both narrow and wide width, these versatile ranges can be used for curtains and a mix of […]

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South American Desert Style

Following on from our English Garden blog, the eighth trend we explore in our Global Traveller series is South American Desert Style. Turn up the heat to feel the vibes of that hot desert look! Ethnic chic has never been so fashionable, and of course teamed with dry textures and kilim patterns, you can take the neutral path or the contrasting […]

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English Garden

We had a little break over the festive period but we are back and ready to carry on sharing our favourite trends from our Global Traveller series……   Following on from our Cuban Fiesta blog, the eighth trend we explore in our Global Traveller series is English Garden.    Bringing the outside in…..or indoors/outdoors, is a huge theme […]

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Cuban Fiesta

  Following on from our Moroccan Kasbah Cool blog, the seventh trend we explore in our Global Traveller series is Cuban Fiesta.     Typically, Cuban style is all about that zest for life and colour. Saturated colours juxtaposed with vintage furniture, birds of paradise, rattan furniture and tropical plants.  Instead of coloured walls and bright trim, keep […]

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Moroccan Kasbah Cool

Following on from our Tribal African blog, the sixth trend we explore in our Global Traveller series is Moroccan Kasbah Cool.   Moroccan style is uplifting and inspiring; characterised by bold colours, ornate furniture, patterned rugs and cool floor cushions. Beautiful architecture with curved doorways and windows, heavily studded doors and patterns galore – all embody the Kasbah […]

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Top tips for decorating your bar and restaurant

A restaurant or bar needs to be comfortable, welcoming and reflect your style and food that you serve. The colours, fabrics and lighting you choose can all help to create very different looks. Think about what colours you like and what would suit the style of building. Below we share some top tips for decorating […]

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Four top tips to think about when decorating your hotel rooms

With the need to create a look that’s almost universally appealing at the same time as being distinctive and functional, finding the right combination of materials for curtains and soft furnishing can be a challenge. To help you create a look which ticks all the right style boxes at the same time as being durable […]

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Tribal African

Following on from our Nordic Simplicity blog, the fifth trend we explore in our Global Traveller series is Tribal African.   Travelling and roving adventures are the influences behind the nomadic Tribal African trend. Clashing patterns with a global vibe, eclectic accessorizing, chunky textured fabrics and eclectic prints, mean that rich details of this trend can be captured […]

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Nordic Simplicity

Following on from our Memphis Brights blog, the fourth trend we explore in our Global Traveller series is Nordic Simplicity.   Nordic is the trend that keeps on giving. This popular look has eternal charm because it combines simplicity with comfort so seamlessly. Light, natural elements and an abundance of neutral colours typify the Nordic look. A harmonious […]

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Memphis Brights

Following on from our Raw Japanese blog, the third trend we explore in our Global Traveller series is Memphis Brights.   Memphis design……. love it or hate it! So what is Memphis design?     Memphis is a design movement that began in 1981 – while the name might make you think that it was born in Tennesse, […]

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Raw Japanese

Following on from our China Girl blog, the second trend we explore in our Global Traveller series is Raw Japanese.   Wabi Sabi has become synonymous with typical raw Japanese style and the epitome of simple living. It’s no secret the Japanese really do like their interiors super simple; a hymn to the imperfect characters of nature, […]

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Why choose blackout curtains this summer?

One of the biggest trends for summer 2019 is the use of blackout curtains in the home. It’s important that you offer your customers dimout fabrics and blackout curtain fabric to allow them to create made-to-measure curtains. Below we explore why blackout curtains will be big news this summer for soundproofing and light control. 1. […]

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China Girl

……the first trend we explore in our Global Traveller series.   Sometimes modest and sometimes opulent, exciting or subdued, colourful and textural; Chinese interiors are always thoughtful and most unassuming with its never fading appearance. It has an innate way of blending traditional with new in a beautiful and rich manner. Design direction can be […]

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Global Traveller series

We continually draw inspiration from around the world, to capture a flavour of those countries with such diverse design influences. Global nuances in design have been felt for centuries and are not new, but usually have their basis and foundation in historical design knowledge. Recognising global trends are the teaching tools to design professionals, enabling […]

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PLASTICS | part 2

Following on from our PLASTICS part 1 blog…. There is no doubt about the wonders of plastic / polyester but the impact of this material on the environment stares us in the face on a daily basis. David Attenborough highlighted many issues facing the world in his “Blue Planet” series, and many more celebrities are […]

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PLASTICS | part 1

Polyester is a synthetic fiber derived from coal, air, water, and petroleum. Developed in a 20th-century laboratory, polyester fibers are formed from a chemical reaction between an acid and alcohol. In this reaction, two or more molecules combine to make a large molecule whose structure repeats throughout its length. Polyester fibers can form very long […]

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What is Printlab?

If you’re looking for something different, our bespoke Printlab design and print solution can create and deliver that unique fabric for your project whatever the budget requirements.   As a talented bunch of highly skilled creatives and technicians, we digitally print your patterns to produce beautiful bespoke printed fabrics suitable for interior furnishings and upholstery. […]

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Natural Textures

Texture continues to be one of the biggest trends in textiles, wallpapers and interiors in general…..easy to use both in print and weave.     EQUILIBRIUM is no exception; with slub profile threads weaving alongside flat threads, the dobby mix conjures up gnarled knots and textured ruggedness. All woods have been encouraged as inspirations and this […]

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Ochre Archive

Ochre (British English) or ocher (American English) is a natural clay earth pigment which is a mixture of ferric oxide and varying amounts of clay and sand. Yellow ochre is a natural mineral consisting of silica and clay owing its colour to an iron oxyhydroxide mineral, goethite. It is found throughout the world, in many shades; in hues from yellow to […]

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Go Green

Meaning of The Colour Green…..Green; the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. Green is also traditionally associated with money, finances, banking, ambition, greed, jealousy and wall street. So green continues to live on as an inspiring interior colour not only as a fabric, paint and wallpaper product, but also in […]

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Beautiful BLUSH

This has to be the colour of the last year and still trending in 2019!     Wikipedia says Blush is a medium bright tone of red-violet. The first written use of blush as a colour name in English was in 1590. The colour blush represents live theatre because it is a color often used for […]

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Show highlights – Paris Deco Off and Maison & Objet

Our design department had another exciting and inspiring trip to one the world’s biggest interior design events; PARIS DECO OFF & exhibition show on the edge of Paris; MASION & OBJET. Here, our highlights from the shows, from trending qualities, 2019 interior colours and house styles.     TEXTURES both large scale and micro   […]

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More visitors, more opportunities; best Heimtextil yet

  Edmund Bell have just returned from their latest appearance at the Heimtextil international trade fair. Having supported the exhibition for over twenty years, it has been a key part of the company’s consistent export sales growth. This was their tenth attendance in a row under the current ownership of the Atherton family; and the […]

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Trending: BRASS

Brass must be one of the longest living trend combinations in the interior world. Its application is endless…. from handles to taps, marquetry mix to accessories galore, whole pieces of furniture and wallpaper features…….the list is endless.     Fabrics have taken on a metallic element and BURLINGTON in our SOHO CLUB woven collection is […]

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Watercolour Blooms

Take a walk in the park and enjoy the greenery, blooms and smell of fresh air…….     Capturing the very latest in watercolour effect designs, GALLERIE conjures up a playful vision of freshness, spontaneity and heady summer days. Inspired by the hand painted watercolours of the French Impressionists, the collection takes you on a […]

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INSPIRATION: Wood effect

With an ethos that is all about naturally inspired textures, the wood look lingers within the design sphere and continues to capture our imagination. So much of design these days must be “perfect” but somehow the wood effect trend has worked at the opposite end of the scale and endorsed the fact that there is […]

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London Design Week: Round Up

This week saw our designers taking in the inspiration during London Design Week. There was a quick look around Decorex at Syon Park; enjoying the event and the gorgeous Park of course, and then they headed into Chelsea Harbour for Focus. Here are a few trends they saw emerging: Decorex  –  Marble and natural textures […]

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Tone on Tone

TONE on TONE…..oh were to start!! Interiors have been so overwhelmed with trend direction, that a tone on tone is the considered approach when colours and qualities sit harmoniously in a somewhat more coherent interior solution. The grey scheme below epitomises the sanctuary of the neutral grey scheme and executed so well with the tapestry […]

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It’s the small details that make the difference within the frame work of new substrates and techniques. Metallic effects have hugely influenced fabrics and sparkly applications in the current trend scene…….so foil, which sits delicately on the surface, a metallic thread that weaves its way to a greater or lesser extent entwined with a culmination […]

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Art Deco

Art Deco themes ……how come…… and why so inspirational? Art Deco is hugely influenced by the geometric forms of Cubism and machine-style forms of Constructivism; so plenty of angular forms and straight lines. Also called “style modern”, the movement in decorative arts and architecture that originated in the 1920s developed into a major style in […]

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World of Geology

Buried in the world of geology; marble and rock formations deepen their influence not only in 2-D form but 3-D as well. The natural world continues to put its stamp on interiors through cosmology and celestial features and so the earth and sky as drivers influencing patterns, textiles and furniture. Wood effects, as seen below, […]

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Botanical and Organics

With a constant desire to re-connect with nature and create spaces for relaxation; calm environments are vital for sane living in a busy world. This 2018 trend consists of natural fresh elements, that continues to be inspired over the years. Nature and the outdoors influence our interior design and patterns, endorsing this whole inside/outside theme where […]

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Designers in the industry have experienced the spring round of events and exhibitions since the beginning of the year; starting with Heimtextil in Frankfurt, followed by Deco Off and Maison et Object in Paris, then journeying on to Evteks in Istanbul, before culminating at Proposte in the delightful Lake Como, Italy. It has been quite […]

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Heimtextil 2018 review

We hope you had a fantastic week at Heimtextil 2018 in Frankfurt. We certainly did. We were inundated with new and existing customers flocking to our stand to talk to our export sales team and to see our latest product launches, such as Chelsea, Sanctuary and Viva.   Lieven, our sales agent in Belgium, had […]

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Pantone Colour of the Year for 2018?

ULTRA VIOLET International colour authority Pantone, have announced their, much-anticipated, colour of the year for 2018: Ultra Violet. Described as “A blue-based purple that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level. From exploring new technologies and the greater galaxy, to artistic expression and spiritual reflection, intuitive Ultra Violet lights the way to what […]

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What colour trends for 2018?

Described as ‘a beautiful soft pink’, Dulux have identified a global need for homes to feel even more nurturing than before – and this is where Heart Wood comes in. Source: Dulux Check out the Colour of the Year’s four complementary colour palettes for 2018 here.

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The future of design within hospitality and workplace environments

Ahead of the BCFA Open at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester on 4 – 5 October, Design Insider invited one of Edmund Bells’ designers, Tina Macdonald, to comment on the future of design within hospitality and workplace environments. Here is what she had to say: What is exciting you about design in […]

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The Future is Urban

With Heimtextil fast becoming one of the industry’s most important global events for interior textiles, interior design and interior trends; the Heimtextil trend team has produced its annual coveted Trend Book ahead of the exhibition in January 2018. The Heimtextil 2018 Trend Book explores how this urban future will shape the spaces in which we […]

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