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PARIS 2023 review

Heimtextil always starts the trend journey for our designers, but Deco Off and Maison et Object in Paris have to be the highlights! These days, fashion and interior trends are inextricably linked; consumers and industry experts are crucially more concerned about what’s influencing their worlds and how they can go on to influence their clients and projects with the newest key looks.

Edmund Bell Paris review 2023 pic 1

Central to current design themes is craft, localism and the slow movement, as well as the role of technology, in driving transparency and responsible manufacture. Provenance is key and reflects broad concerns about sustainability which is becoming more and more important in the design world, and this is recognised a new commitment to localism. Lack of transparency and green washing is a real issue, and in response many makers have realised that for a process to be truly sustainable, the entire life of any object needs to be measured and quantified. (Colourhive.com)

The themes of craft and the slow movement were evident in Paris, and good to see that forecasting is true when it comes to trend identification. The ethics are driving the trend and so wabi sabi and texture were big influences in the collections in Paris.  Texture in this case can be a large repeating pattern or a small generic textured all over, and so intrinsic is its character, that it covers most interior finishes ie. wallpaper, fabric and paint.

Edmund Bell Paris review 2023 pic 2

1920`s arches and curves were still obvious influences and danced with straight lines to create interesting clean patterns micro and macro.

Edmund Bell Paris review 2023 pic 3
Edmund Bell Paris review 2023 pic 4

Special technique and process was a feature in many collections….certainly a point of difference to the mainstream jacquards.

And the pink was fabulous!

Edmund Bell Paris review 2023 pic 5

Until next year……missing Paris already!!