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Textured Finishes

Texture is one thing that really makes a room come to life and perfectly brings an interior scheme to enviable creative levels. We can talk about texture in the obvious way….so how a cushion feels, or how the carpet or rug feels under your feet, or how the sofa feels when you run your hand across the surface – and these are positive feelings associated with touch. BOUNCE, one of our new upholstery qualities (launching soon!) has a super soft touch boucle yarn which is tremendously softy and tactile. Teamed with SENSATION velvet blackout fabric in an interior project and there you have it…….two super amazing textures!! 

Fabric texture

Texture can also be interpreted in the form of a textured design or pattern; so something like LIMIT a new colour woven jacquard fabric in our range. 

Curtain fabric texture

Combining texture with a geometric has impact and will punctuate the partnership as well, and this makes LIMIT, CONNECT and TWIST (new woven fabric launching soon!) the perfect team. 

Textured woven fabric

Texture can also be navigated in terms of rough or smooth and both will impact a space in different ways – this can also be associated with textiles although nobody wants a rough texture do they! Velvet is a sleek, sophisticated, sensual feel to a drape or piece of furniture, whereas a boucle is a more honest, earthy, tactile sensation.

Textured blackout fabric

Our upholstery fabrics, both new and existing offer a wealth of texture in yarn choices and weave techniques; enhancing textured appeal. Performance standards also merit a mention with Enduracare+, Crib 5 and antimicrobial features adding extra security for Healthcare and Hospitality environments. 

Textured upholstery fabric

Choice is king and mixing up the textures provides balance and visual interest. Texture…..you see it, you feel it, but most of all, you sense it! Through strong visual effects adding more depth, detail, and the look of multiple layers, textured interior pieces bring new dimensions to every space.