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So much has come out of the Covid Pandemic, and the rethinking of the fluidity of space and its function known as “chronotopia”, is certainly one of those new phenomenon’s. Chronotopia is all about how a space can adapt to accommodate different activities at different times of the day; a kind of multi-functional space – at home, in an office, in hotels and the healthcare world. It makes complete sense to have multifunctional spaces, but this unfamiliar term has been fast-tracked by the pandemic and clearly needs further thought and understanding.


EB prints serve to brighten up those spaces that would otherwise be a normal working space and many of the EB dimouts, including ORION in the picture above, can help transform a room from sleep to work without being too fussy. STRATA is a textured blackout that also easily divides living and working and can help with acoustic limitations.

Fluidity of space - chronotopia

We have seen carparks converted into car-boots and outdoor cinemas, or a market square becoming a backdrop to a concert, so this is something that has been a reality in many public spaces for years. As far as inside goes, it’s a relatively new undertaking. With the arrival of technology, digital solutions, and connective devises, chronotopia has gradually edged into our homes and is here to stay. We’ve certainly embraced the shift to home working – our kitchens, lounges and bedrooms effortlessly morph into workspaces and cinemas at various times of the day. We’re naturals at this by now!

From a Hospitality point of view, hotel lobbies have become hot desk offices with customers enjoying coffee and lunch …..working is very much an ad-hoc experience and very different to 20 years ago. Coworking solutions are becoming increasingly popular in the Hospitality sector and hotels are very capable at providing the necessary services. They too are embracing the new world of ‘leisure’ and ‘workation’ whereby we see regular hotel practises shift and see the customer booking longer periods of time away and combining work and leisure in a single booking.

Interestingly over the past few years, offices have also begun to resemble loft apartments with relaxation zones and comfy sofas, magazines and coffee machines, a touch of wallpaper and a rug or two! Osmosis between the two worlds has given rise to hybrid ways of working and one agency has even given their workforce an option to work remotely in the Scottish countryside. How amazing! 

EXPRERSSION dimout really does capture the wonderful hue of nature and FOLIAGE print (from our Printlab bespoke design and print solution) can be coloured to camouflage out any unwanted urban views bringing the outside inside and giving the space a truly lush character.

Our increased reliance on the home brings ever more pressure for it to function well and fulfil our growing demand to support us and our health and wellbeing. On top of needing the home to deliver our work, rest, exercise and play needs, the whole question about chronotopia and the functionality of space together with that of our wellbeing is one that can be debated further.