English Garden

We had a little break over the festive period but we are back and ready to carry on sharing our favourite trends from our Global Traveller series……


Following on from our Cuban Fiesta blog, the eighth trend we explore in our Global Traveller series is English Garden. 


Bringing the outside in…..or indoors/outdoors, is a huge theme as we strive to make our homes a more relaxing green space; so why not capture the floral theme. GALLERIE and BLOOM are perfect print collections to evoke warm lazy Summer days meaning you can enjoy those gorgeous florals inside. Teamed with the plain printed textures they make the perfect combination.



Biophilia (meaning love of nature) focuses on human’s innate attraction to nature and natural processes. It suggests that we all have a genetic connection to the natural world, built up through hundreds of thousands of years of living in agrarian settings. (Source: Wikipedia)



So bringing the floral element and greenery inside is seriously good for us as well!

Many of our bespoke florals create drama and are evocative of tropical foliage from further afield.

(You can find out more about our Printlab Bespoke Design service here.)



The dark moody florals have certainly lasted in the trend scene and typified by design houses like Liberty, House of Hackney and Vanilla Fly.



These patterns typically inspired by classicism and a wealth of historical country houses; a mood of fresh summer florals or dark moody blooms has to be one of biggest interior trends that continues to dominate through the seasons year by year. Too many to name, but there are some super big hitters in terms of inspiration…..Laura Ashley, Sanderson, Osbourne & Little and Colefax & Fowler are some of the well established names in a more traditional sense, and then of course Designers Guild as a super favourite in a more contemporary dynamic sense.



So who wouldn’t want a more relaxing and calming indoor/outdoor environment?!


Next, we will delve deeper into the global trend of South American Desert Style.