Cuban Fiesta


Following on from our Moroccan Kasbah Cool blog, the seventh trend we explore in our Global Traveller series is Cuban Fiesta.



Typically, Cuban style is all about that zest for life and colour. Saturated colours juxtaposed with vintage furniture, birds of paradise, rattan furniture and tropical plants.  Instead of coloured walls and bright trim, keep the white walls and paint doors and trim in vivid indigo, cobalt or palm green to capture that tropical vibe inside. EB tropical leaf print co-ordinates well with the PULSE, MATRIX and EQUILIBRIUM – add the parrot pictures and plants to complete the look!



Drawing inspiration from Cuban street style; cars and buildings say so much more about Cuba’s rich heritage – the brighter the better. Pure pigments showcase the true representation of colour, so in this instance there’s no room for neutrals! Natural fabrics are preferred since the climate is so hot, and marble, metal, stone and tiles keep the interiors cool and tempered.



No Cuban interior is complete unless theres hot pink in some form – a flower print, pink walls, tiles and cushions – bold fuchsia and pastel pink collide, often with a burst of tangerine to infuse girlie mania. Plants are a calming and contrasting addition to the space and by adding an aqua of sorts, the whole tropical sense of fun is captured.



Cuban décor requires an abundance of leafy, tropical plants in terracotta or multi coloured pots – consider large banana leaves, ferns and anything gorgeous and tropically green, but the most important factor is the size and impact that the drama of green and colour creates. Outside walls can be drenched with colour and then punctuated with greenery. As all tones of green are so current right now, there are plenty to choose from in our collection of dimout fabrics, blackout fabrics and woven fabrics.



Not only is there a dramatic colour element within the Cuban trend, but pattern takes on an important role in cement floor tiles and often taking the place of marble and expensive encaustic tiles. Being concrete, they are virtually imperishable and so hugely versatile in application from inside to outside – patios, walls, showers and floors for example.

It’s easy to fall in love with Cuban style, so introduce plenty of wonderful bright colours, add the crazy parrot and some whimsical art, and punctuate with an abundance of greenery. Just add the salsa music and dance!


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