Moroccan Kasbah Cool

Following on from our Tribal African blog, the sixth trend we explore in our Global Traveller series is Moroccan Kasbah Cool.


Moroccan style is uplifting and inspiring; characterised by bold colours, ornate furniture, patterned rugs and cool floor cushions. Beautiful architecture with curved doorways and windows, heavily studded doors and patterns galore – all embody the Kasbah cool style.



Dynamic colours inspired by ornate pattern usually dominate, but the cool colours of the ocean can also feature strongly. Tiles of course play a huge part in Moroccan design and the pattern element is truly inspirational! The plain colours from MATRIX and EQUILIBRIUM can capture that ocean inspiration.



Reds, orange and pink contrasting with the black white elements of pattern, make for an impactful Moroccan space – blend with the rich patterned rugs and tin lantern accessories to bring the Kasbah vibe inside…..or outside of course!  Typically, large floor cushions and low-slung day beds enhance that lazy day feel and by adding textured plant pots and gold accessories, it’s easy to see how inspiring this trend has become. Rich textiles and fabrics can be found in every corner of the markets with history inspiring all details of pattern and yarns used.



A mix of bold pattern and natural wood works well together and blended with patterned plates, pots and plenty of greenery, adds a cool outdoor feel to the Kasbah look. The whole gathering of pattern, plants, wood and metal evoke an inspiring sense of travel and create a true Moroccan retreat at home.



One of the most recognisable features of the Moroccan style is the lantern, large tin plates and tin tableware, which has been passed down from generation to generation, and to capture the truly authentic Moroccan interior, candles will play a big part – what an ambience……


Next, we will delve deeper into the global trend of Cuban Fiesta.