Top tips for decorating your bar and restaurant

A restaurant or bar needs to be comfortable, welcoming and reflect your style and food that you serve. The colours, fabrics and lighting you choose can all help to create very different looks. Think about what colours you like and what would suit the style of building. Below we share some top tips for decorating your bar & restaurant.

Add a splash of colour

One of the easiest ways to transform a tired-looking restaurant or bar is by adding a new coat of paint. Be bold with colour, don’t be afraid to make a statement. Red is a popular colour for restaurants and can be teamed with gold, white and black, alongside natural woods. Natural greens also work well, as do blues and purple.

Use matching curtains and cushions

Do not forget the importance of accessories and fabric when decorating the interior of your bar or restaurant. It is these finishing touches that create that personal and homely touch. It’s a good idea to use print base curtain fabrics when designing the curtains and cushions that you wish to use. When the materials match, not only does this help them to stand out, but it also shows that you have taken great thought and care over the interior decor.

Bring the outside in

When thinking about how to decorate your restaurant, remember it’s not all about fabrics and paint. You can gain inspiration from natural materials and plants to have an open and fresh feel to your space. This always works well in restaurants that serve lots of rustic and vegetarian food. Use wooden planters as decoration, add climbing vines and decorate tables with small plants.

The importance of lighting

The type of lights you use, and where you place them can truly transform the mood and ambience of your restaurant. For a fresh and funky vibe, opt for recessed spotlights and strings of coloured lights around the bar area. For a more subtle and low-key look, then table lights and dimmed wall lights will work well.

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