Four top tips to think about when decorating your hotel rooms

With the need to create a look that’s almost universally appealing at the same time as being distinctive and functional, finding the right combination of materials for curtains and soft furnishing can be a challenge. To help you create a look which ticks all the right style boxes at the same time as being durable enough to withstand the challenges of the hotel room environment, we’ve compiled our top four tips. Read on to discover exactly what’s needed to give your rooms a makeover that adds value as well as visual appeal.

Blackout curtain fabrics

A frequent complaint from guests is that they can’t sleep due to outside light entering their room through a badly dressed window. In these circumstances, blackout curtains or blinds are the perfect solution. Providing almost total darkness once drawn, they promote restful slumber.

Woven and upholstery fabrics that are made to last

Wear and tear are real hazards for hotel cushions, curtains and other soft furnishings. To try and ensure they last as long as possible, it’s normally best to invest in a good-quality material that combines durability with easy cleaning. Not only will a high-grade fabric look appealing, it should also last long enough to provide a decent return on investment.

Curtain linings – a vital addition to any curtains

The unsung heroes of curtain draperies, curtain linings can be tailored to solve a range of problems which a room might otherwise suffer from. Curtain linings can provide acoustic and/or thermal insulation, as well as enhance the appearance of the outer pair of curtains.

Print base curtain fabrics – adding colour and character

Almost inevitably, most hotel rooms have a fairly bland base decor. Curtains in a suitable print are an economical way of providing a welcome accent, without being overpowering. Some hotels opt to use their brand’s logo colours in the curtains; others like each room to have different curtains in order to give an air of individuality. With many printed curtain fabrics also being flame retardant, they’re an ideal choice for a range of hospitality locations.

Why not give your rooms an economical curtain makeover, which will also have numerous practical benefits?