Why choose blackout curtains this summer?

One of the biggest upholstery trends for summer 2019 is the use of blackout curtains in the home. As a retailer of upholstery fabrics, it’s important that you offer your customers dimout fabrics and blackout curtain fabric to allow them to create made-to-measure curtains. Below we explore why blackout curtains will be big news this summer for soundproofing and light control.

1. Blocks out bright light

Most homeowners choose to use blackout curtains to block out light in order to get a good night’s sleep, particularly as the days get longer. They are perfect for use in the nursery to help young children settle to sleep, and in the parents’ bedroom. It’s important that you also offer your customers a range of patterns and colour options so that they can fully customise their look for their choice of room.

2. A room will feel cooler

If a room has direct sunlight then this can make the space too hot to live and sleep in comfortably. Curtains that are made from woven fabric can help to keep the room cooler. The good news is that this type of curtain can be used well into winter as they also block out any draughts while helping to regulate the temperature of the room.

3. A quieter space

Blackout curtains offer fantastic soundproofing, so are a good choice for those living on a busy road, and when it is difficult to shut out noise in the heat of the summer as you need to have the windows open. Blackout curtains that are made from sheer fabric and are light coloured will not only help to block out noise but will help to open up the space.

4. Your options

It’s important that you understand the different materials on offer so that you can allow your buyers to create their very own look. They should be able to choose from a range of woven fabrics to create curtains and sheer curtain fabrics to create that personalised layered look.

Here at Edmund Bell, we have a vast supply of upholstery fabrics that are perfect for creating blackout curtains and blinds. To learn more about our upholstery fabric range, then please do get in touch with us today.