Watercolour Blooms

Take a walk in the park and enjoy the greenery, blooms and smell of fresh air…….



Capturing the very latest in watercolour effect designs, GALLERIE conjures up a playful vision of freshness, spontaneity and heady summer days. Inspired by the hand painted watercolours of the French Impressionists, the collection takes you on a journey to the gardens of the Riviera. JARDIN captures the spirit of a bouquet set on a breezy outdoor lunch table, whilst MURANO sets a more sophisticated indoor tone.



Colours blend smoothly in the cascading stripes of CARNIVAL, and the brushstrokes of ALBANY and subtle texture of BREEZE work effortlessly to enhance the story and set a relaxed atmosphere. The colours draw on a wealth of inspiration and diversity yet blend intuitively to change the mood. Salmon and mint, magenta and lime, aqua, seafoam, lagoon and blueberry are the GALLERIE medley of colours, blending harmoniously to evoke those lazy summer days.





Take a sneak peak of our new BLOOM print collection…….


Mastered with a strong emphasis on the watercolour influences of Collier Campbell, the BLOOM collection exudes spontaneity and capturing the freshness of pretty country gardens. Scattered florals and blossom evoke a playful summer garden and mix decoratively with leaves and abstract patterns of the entire collection.

With a cool mix of emerald and midnight, blush, magenta and espresso; vivacious shades dance and mix effortlessly with neutral basics.



FLORIS as the main floral bursting with summer delight mixes calmly with AMILIE another organic inspired easy to use leaf. FINESSE and MONSOON, whilst multi-coloured add certain calmness and contrast with zig zag lines and subtle drops. MARQUISE on the other hand punctuates with notes of formal trellis work and geometric clarity.



The entire BLOOM story is complimented with METRO and OASIS (printed Sentinel) both waterproof upholstery substrates and SERENITY our exclusive FR sheer, encouraging the entire use of this fabric complement for successful interior spaces.



All our print designs can be printed onto a range of flame retardant base fabrics. Browse our fabric ranges and collections here, or for more information get in touch via email or phone.