Tone on Tone

TONE on TONE…..oh were to start!!

Interiors have been so overwhelmed with trend direction, that a tone on tone is the considered approach when colours and qualities sit harmoniously in a somewhat more coherent interior solution. The grey scheme below epitomises the sanctuary of the neutral grey scheme and executed so well with the tapestry patchwork on the walls. Colours……a complete mix of chalk, dove, parchment, concrete, zinc etc.



The tone on tone approach has a calmer, more considered ambience and sometimes not a great ubiquities “wow” moment, but rather fusing elements and interpreting the overall blend of colour co-ordination.



Harmonious tones take their inspiration from the colours close to each other in colour space theory, whilst those in opposite corners and subsequently contrasting, are more jarring.



Our combinations of tone on tone decorative dimout and blackout curtains work perfectly within the remit of this way of working.



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