It’s the small details that make the difference within the frame work of new substrates and techniques. Metallic effects have hugely influenced fabrics and sparkly applications in the current trend scene…….so foil, which sits delicately on the surface, a metallic thread that weaves its way to a greater or lesser extent entwined with a culmination of other yarns. Shimmer can be created through clever use of polyester or natural fibres. Sequins and crystals have their place in embroidery applications, spectacular multi-technique and multi-thread effects, create amazing fabrics.



With an appreciation of surfaces and simplicity, REFLECTION a blackout curtain fabric, was created – small floating treads dance across the surface catching the light.

The matt / shine effect and distorted surface treatment, adds liveliness to the overall effect of the substrate and echo’s the fantastical aspects of metallic. Colours have been selected to capture both the earthy tones of nature, the metallic tones such as copper, graphite and silver, and the remailing on trend colours of the season.



A timeless expression of luxury and glamour create an innovative use of matt and bright yarns, satisfying our hunger for innovation and subtlety – ELIXIR glimmers in a sophisticated manner. Again, the colourways capture the bronze, silver, copper, granite of true metals and has come to stand as a symbol of modernity.



The metallic trend has emerged from a huge interest in geology and natural form; so often, metallic highlights are tempered with natural substrates like wood, marble, matt porcelain and resin.



Everywhere we look, metals are a key feature giving creativeness throughout within the interior space. Metals madness has gained momentum and now designers have embraced the effect for walls and wallpaper, floors, tiles, furniture and fabrics. Accessory accents are probably one of the biggest areas were metallics have really taken a hold……shimmering interiors are all the rage.



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