World of Geology

Buried in the world of geology; marble and rock formations deepen their influence not only in 2-D form but 3-D as well. The natural world continues to put its stamp on interiors through cosmology and celestial features and so the earth and sky as drivers influencing patterns, textiles and furniture.

Wood effects, as seen below, translated successfully into wallpapers and fabrics; seamlessly linking the indoor with the outdoor as we see these boundaries blur. There is a constant desire to reconnect with nature and foliage, wood and marble ensuring that connection is maintained in our interiors.



With an emphasis on capturing the latest in textures PRISM juxtaposes the unexpected where we see mixtures of smooth surfaces, textured yarns and dry and lustrous effects. Inspired by nature, this contemporary collection epitomises smart contrasts in colour and super effects of matt and shine captured by a clever mix of yarns. PULSE and ECHO emulate the changing colours of crushed leaves whilst ZONE and RHYTHM capture the more structured lines of growing bark.



Expressive structures enhance the metallic effect of many of the colourways, so silver, gold, bronze and copper dazzle in this treasure of patterns. PULSE particularly takes on the challenge of colour and captures the power of nature in all its glory.



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