Botanical and Organics

With a constant desire to re-connect with nature and create spaces for relaxation; calm environments are vital for sane living in a busy world. This 2018 trend consists of natural fresh elements, that continues to be inspired over the years. Nature and the outdoors influence our interior design and patterns, endorsing this whole inside/outside theme where the drive to connect with nature and the world around us is so important.

The contract fabric world is opening up new avenues in design and pattern. This trend renders a realistic, true to form which is harmonious design choice for contract fabrics, especially in healthcare.



SANCTUARY and LAKELAND, two collections in our range draw their inspiration from organic themes.



LAKELAND is a fresh collection inspired by the beauty of the British countryside and the changing seasons. The designs are a mix of contemporary, organic florals and subtle textures; creating a relaxed and stylish ambience for any interior.



AMBLESIDE, the feature floral, is complimented by the delicate leaves and stems of CONISTON and WINDERMERE, giving a fashionable botanical feel. Contrast is provided in the form of the smart, textured stripe of HAWKSHEAD and the small-scale geometric DERWENT.

Living in a busy world and consumed with technology, phones and people, it’s a delight to relax in the sanctuary of home and cocoon yourself in calm and comfort. SANCTUARY is a fluid collection embracing the continuous transition of fabric, textures and form. Nature has been an overriding influence with organics and fern patterns creating a firm retreat from a hectic world.



AURA the feature pattern reflects on the ferns and leaves found in our serene countryside. ELIXIR captures the iridescent sparkle of the two tone effects so often seen as the light sparkles through the leaves in the woods. DIVINE adds some form to the relaxed lines of the collection.



ECHO, PULSE, RHYTHM and ZONE explore the organic textures and surfaces found in forest landscapes and SERENE adds great textural influence to co-ordinate in an upholstery role. Sheers are included to endorse the diaphanous character of nature adding a whisper of colour and a casual laid back appeal.



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