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Proven excellence in global trade.

Edmund Bell supplies over 8000 happy customers across the globe, in more than 50 different countries, so you can rest assured that we have the expertise and capabilities to service your business wherever you are. With both direct delivery and freight forwarding options, we can service all global partners directly from our headquarters in Rochdale, UK.

Many of our products have UK origin as a result of our UK finishing and coating plant, and with an uncompromising approach to international FR standards and testing (including IMO) we stock a wide range of products in both wide and narrow widths that conform to current International standards for flame retardancy.

We have an export sales team with multi-language support, both within our head office and where you are, so you are guaranteed the correct level of service you’d expect. To prove this, we are part of an elite group of companies that has been awarded the UK’s most coveted business accolade, “The Queens Award for Enterprise and International Trade” recognising positive growth and commercial success in international trade. A fitting way to mark over a century and a half of success. 

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Orders are processed Monday to Friday; please see below for costs and times.

CountryDelivery Time
Austria     8-9 Working Days
Belgium 5-6 Working Days
Croatia 10-11 Working Days
Czech Republic 8-9 Working Days
Denmark 8-9 Working Days
Estonia 9-10 Working Days
Finland 8-9 Working Days
France 7-8 Working Days
Germany 7-8 Working Days
Greece 10-11 Working Days
Hungary 8-9 Working Days
Ireland 6-7 Working Days
Italy 8-9 Working Days
Latvia 9-10 Working Days
Lithuania 9-10 Working Days
Netherlands 5-6 Working Days
Norway 7-8 Working Days
Poland 8-9 Working Days
Portugal 8-9 Working Days
Romania 10-11 Working Days
Slovenia 9-10 Working Days
Slovakia 9-10 Working Days
Spain 7-8 Working Days
Sweden 8-9 Working Days
Switzerland 7-8 Working Days

If your country does not appear on the list, please contact our Export Sales team for a quote +44(0)1706 717070.