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Upholstery Fabrics For Furniture

Our versatile selection of upholstery fabrics are suitable for a number of uses, so no matter what your upholstery needs are, we can deliver the perfect upholstery material. If you are seeking chair upholstery fabric or sofa upholstery fabric, for example, we can work with you to help you determine your upholstery needs and source the perfect material for you.

In busy environments, such as hotels, schoolsoffices and nursing homes, it can be difficult to notice when fabric has become outdated or is compromised in quality. As soon as you notice fabric in a poor condition, it is important to have it reupholstered to not only maintain your company image but to ensure you are offering the best level of support and comfort possible for the individuals using your business.

No matter what style of upholstery fabric you require, we can deliver it. Browse our wide selection of styles, enquire, or request a free sample.