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Sheer Curtain Fabrics

Ranging from a refined organza pin stripe to a stylish linen look, these fire retardant Sheers will add a new dimension to window decoration.

Sheer curtain fabrics diffuse natural light to create a softer ambience and a more inviting atmosphere while increasing privacy without dimming a space too much. They provide the balance between light and privacy. Because our sheer fabrics and curtains are made from lightweight materials, they allow for improved airflow and ventilation, which keep spaces cool during the summer months. We also provide voile curtain fabrics that combine the softness of sheer with a slightly denser weave, offering more privacy without compromising the airy appeal of sheer.

We have a variety of sheer and voile fabric styles for you to choose from, including our VIVA collection that stylishly blends neutrals and colours with tactile textures that mix effortlessly, so you’re guaranteed to find the right fabric for your project. Get in touch for more advice.