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Blackout Curtain Fabrics & Materials

In addition to fully blocking out sunlight, blackout curtains are an excellent choice if you want to reduce noise and improve insulation in a building, potentially cutting your energy bills. That makes them an excellent choice for hotels, nursing homes and hospitals, where people expect a good night’s sleep without disturbance. Blackout curtain fabrics are also well-suited to schools and nurseries, reducing noise and allowing children to concentrate.

Blackout fabric is also fire retardant, an important consideration in buildings such as hotels and nursing homes, where many people are gathered and the fire risk can be high.

Our blackout material, including both curtains and blackout curtain linings, is heavy-duty and can stand up to the constant use it would receive in these more public settings.

With a variety of blackout fabrics and styles for you to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the right blackout curtains to suit your building. If you would like more advice, feel free to contact our expert team.