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Flame Retardant Fabrics for Curtains & Upholstery

Whatever sector your business operates in, we understand that your number one priority will always be ensuring the safety of your customers and the security of your business premises. As a leading supplier of soft furnishings for over 160 years, we have earned a reputation as trusted experts, providing flame retardant furnishings to businesses like yours all over the world.

When deciding on the specifications of your soft furnishings, it is important to be aware of the difference between materials labelled as fire or flame resistant and those labelled as fire or flame retardant. Flame resistant fabrics do not catch fire easily and do not drip or melt when exposed to extreme heat. Our flame retardant materials, however, are not only resistant to melting or dripping, but are also specially treated so that they self-extinguish if they do catch fire. This means that where traditional soft furnishings may ignite easily, hastening the spread of a fire, our flame retardant fabrics can impede its progress, keeping your customers safe and protecting your property from excessive damage so that your business can make a speedy recovery.

Our flame resistant furnishings are manufactured to the highest industry standards and fashioned with the modern clientele in mind, meaning that you don't need to compromise style for safety. Whatever you are looking for, our team of experts are on hand to help you find the product to suit your needs, so that you can rest easy in the knowledge that your business is well-protected.