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The ultimate solution offering unrivalled technology and protection for upholstery fabric.

We understand that there is a minimum level of expectation when it comes to contract standard upholstery fabric, but you can rest assured that any products with the “Enduracare” stamp of approval meet the very highest standards of product quality and performance.

Powered by “Enduracare” technology, our upholstery fabric is protected against the majority of spills and stains – keeping your furniture not only looking great but performing well for prolonged use.


What is “Enduracare” technology?

 Industry-leading stain resistant finish which is applied to the face of the fabric to help repel water, oil and most staining.
 A flame-retardant coating is applied to the back of the fabric; meeting or exceeding most UK and international standards including Crib 5 and IMO. We offer a choice of coatings which are all rigorously tested.


Unrivalled protection, with "Enduracare+"

When the environment requires a waterproof and anti-microbial upholstery fabric – try our “Enduracare+” technology. 

It has all the same features that come with the “Enduracare” technology, but with the added benefit of being:

 Waterproof - our waterproofing method allows the upholstery fabric to withstand a far higher water pressure being applied against it, meaning it will outperform anything else in the market. We apply a solid continuous Polyurethane (PU) film that makes it extremely hard for water to penetrate. Alternative methods of waterproofing via “knife over roller” paste coating may be less reliable with the potential for holes in the coating

 Anti-microbial – a coating is applied which permanently kills and inhibits the growth of microbes and bacteria, helping to keep your fabric smelling great and reducing the risk of potentially harmful pathogens growing within your furniture. For a more detailed understanding of anti-microbial fabrics, types of infection, viruses and their lifespans – download our anti-microbial guide here.

Enduracare+ is the waterproof and anti-microbial coating you can trust.


Our upholstery qualities, like our other products, are not only perfectly styled for your project or setting but are highly technical and innovative fabrics with performance as standard.