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Identity Print Collection

Inspired by the forms of architecture and how we would follow motion or velocity in a simple line drawing or texture, the IDENTITY collection offers 5 new designs in 6 trending colours which have been created and coloured to complement our existing products lines. Its illustrative floral UTOPIA encapsulates tranquillity of nature and adds gentleness to the range. CONNECTION is a vibrant transitional pattern and is a key design to use for an upholstered chair combined with any of our other Crib 5 upholstery plains . REFLECT is boldly represented in an on-trend triangular pattern which measures space and texture perfectly.VISON and GROOVE are natural partners in the collection and are printed in suitable natural colours, adding balance to the IDENTITY story. There is a mixed range of colours in IDENTITY from calm citrine and pebble to a more lively mix of marine and tangerine, coral and angora. Magenta and teal on the other hand offer something vibrant and up to date; very suitable for education spaces or a funky boutique hotel.Used as main features of an interior design scheme or as individual patterns, the collection is calm and simplistic and touches on the essence of nature with elements of treated concreate,printed linen and flexed textures.