Blackout Collection

Edmund Bell are the industry leader and largest supplier of blackout qualities in the UK and Europe, and offer a vast selection of 3 pass fabrics covering every requirement, whether it be handle, price, appearance, specification or effect, we have it.

The thermal properties of all our blackout and thermal linings help to save energy and help reduce the effects on the environment.

3 Pass Blackout - Because there has been a dramatic increase in the use of blackout linings, Edmund Bell have produced a wider selection of products for different situations, from ultrasoft handle to a wide range of compositions from cotton to polyester in a variety of colours.

Questions to be asked when selecting a Blackout curtain lining:

  • Do you require a 3 pass or would a 1 pass thermal suffice?
  • Is it a true 100% blackout?
  • Does the product meet the washing criteria?
  • Can it be dry cleaned?
  • Would a 274cm wider width be beneficial?
  • Do you need a coloured blackout lining?
  • Would you like to use as a single layer face fabric?