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Keep your eyes peeled for these 2015 trends

keep.jpgTrends are at a cross roads as we find ourselves caught in the middle of both progress and revival. Progress in the digital world sees us embracing speed in terms of design and technologies. Revival leads us to see desirability of handcrafts and the pursuit of authenticity which are still so precious in the evolution of design.

Pattern emerges in all that is textured with some added elements of matt and shine. We see an explosion of hand painted effects from acrylic paintings to water colouring and a diversity of content from floral to abstract and large brushstrokes. Multi-coloured florals including butterflies and birds will grace our living spaces, whilst foliage, organics and botanical illustration will influence our interior choices. Architectural design, both micro and macro, continue to feature in fabric collections. While global travelling continually influences with ikat, dip dye effects and ethnic designs featuring strongly as well as distressed patterns influenced by Italian mosaics, and folk patterns from Russia & Morocco. All told there is something to excite every taste!

We continue to be absorbed in an explosion of colour…. Indigo mixes with mandarin, and blues continue to inspire – cobalt, spa, cerulean, azure, aqua, periwinkle - and all manner of greens influenced by the eco trend in design. We see soft blush pastels mixing with neutrals, and greys with other tertiary tones, all combining successfully. The jewel colours of teal, aubergine, sapphire and emerald fulfil our desire for a rich treasured look. A hint of metallic from copper to pewter to gold, silver, nickel and zinc, all reveal their character when blended with partner colours.

Our drive for technologies has seen the development of new polyester substrates….a miracle fibre! However our respect for natural materials such as wool, linen, cotton and silk still endure.

Article Date: February 13, 2015