Professional Sateen Curtain Linings

Edmund Bell offers a comprehensive range of branded curtain linings, designed and manufactured to meet the high standards of quality, application and value that our customers rely on.

Our sateen linings are constructed with a higher thread count to produce a denser cloth that reduces light penetration and its damaging effects, and minimises shrinkage during washing or dry cleaning.

We use specialist manufacturing techniques that give our linings an added lustre. While some curtain linings have a basic calendered finish, at Edmund Bell, we apply an exclusive Schreiner finish to all our top quality sateen curtain linings, which lines up all the surface threads to improve opacity, handle and appearance and give an additional vibrance and radiance.

Considerations to take into account when choosing a Sateen Curtain lining:

  • Is it a true sateen or a twill?
  • Has it got a Schreiner finish?
  • Does it meet the highest light fastness standards, as our Chromax and Platinum ranges do?
  • Does the product meet your washing criteria?
  • Can it be dry cleaned?
  • Will it have the sustained appearance of an Edmund Bell Sateen?