Intermax Curtain Interlinings

Curtain interlinings are the perfect way to create opulent window treatments and improve the insulation levels of any room.

Edmund Bell’s extensive range of curtain interlinings, from the heavy duty Bump to the lighter weight Domettes and Synthetic interlinings, are certain to make curtains and window coverings stand out from the crowd.

Placed between the curtain fabric and lining, they create softer, fuller folds for a more luxurious look, add body and fullness to lightweight taffetas and silk face fabrics and even keep sound levels down.

With the right combination of linings and interlinings you can save energy, save money and help the environment. Intermax linings can also be used for enhancing swags and tails and are ideal for pelmets and head boards.

Edmund Bells collection of Interlinings includes:

  • Bump interlining
  • Domette
  • Synthetic interlining
  • Duolines bonded interlining

Considerations to take into account when choosing an Interlining:

  1. The stability and reduced shrinkage properties
  2. The weight of interlining required
  3. Is the product easy to handle?
  4. What draping effect do you require?
  5. Is it price or value that is important?