Fusion Transfer Printed Flame Retardant Fabrics

Welcome to the Fusion Collection, an exclusive range of co-ordinating designs of Flame Retardant fabrics.

Using Flame Retardant Fabrics no longer need hold you back in your desire to create a smart but practical environment for your establishment.

Most people when shown the different base fabrics available are surprised that they are indeed Flame Retardant, such is the progress of the weaving and finishing processes now.

The images featured in this brochure offer you concepts but of course, any one of these designs, can be featured on their own should you desire.

The important thing to remember is that the same design can be printed onto Curtain, Duvet Cover, Dimout and Waterproof base fabrics and can be mixed and matched to suit your requirements without compromising on creativity.

Safety has got to be the main concern when purchasing fabrics, choosing from the Fusion collection, you can be assured that all products meet the current British/International Standards for Flame Retardancy which must surely help with your Health and Safety and Risk Assessment policies.

Please enjoy perusing this brochure and should you require samples or technical help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Colour Swatches


Oregan H68.58cm x V64cm repeat pattern, Minuet no repeat pattern.

Fusion oregan slateOregan Slate Fusion minuet morelloMinuet Morello Fusion oregan damsonOregan Damson Fusion oregan midnightOregan Midnight Fusion oregan pillarboxOregan Pillar Box Fusion minuet royalMinuet Royal


Montana H46cm x V46cm repeat pattern, Minuet no repeat pattern.

Fusion montana oceanMontana Ocean


Hudson H46cm x V0cm repeat pattern, Minuet no repeat pattern.

Fusion hudson mallardHudson Mallard Fusion minuet tealMinuet Teal Fusion hudson cabernetHudson Cabernet Fusion mminuet morelloMinuet Morello Fusion hudson woodlandsHudson Woodlands Fusion hudson evergladeHudson Everglade


Ribbons H32 x V32cm repeat pattern, Minuet no repeat pattern.

Fusion ribbons cabochonRibbons Cabochon Fusion minuet tealMinuet Teal Fusion ribbons graphiteRibbons Graphite Fusion ribbons cadetRibbons Cadet Fusion minuet cornflowerMinuet Cornflower


Palermo H32cm x V34.5cm repeat pattern, Minuet no repeat pattern.

Fusion palermo inkPalermo Ink Fusion palermo cactusPalermo Cactus Fusion minuet tealMinuet Teal


Salerno H16cm x V18.63cm repeat pattern, Minuet no repeat pattern.

Fusion salerno freshblueSalerno Fresh Blue Fusion minuet cornflowerMinuet Cornflower Fusion salerno mushroomSalerno Mushroom Fusion minuet shortbreadMinuet Shortbread

Fabric Options

Design Name Available Colours & Codes Pattern Repeat
Hudson Everglade 206, Woodlands 207, Cabernet 187, Mallard 501 V0cm, H12.5cm
Minuet Teal 935, Biscotti 966, Citrus 969, Suede 970, Shortbread 971, Royal 972, Cornflower 124, Jade 117, Raspberry 323, Armagnac 977, Truffle 224, Mulberry 294, Duckegg 487, Morello 975 V0cm, H0cm
Montana Cappucino 956, Garnet 960, Elements 961, Ocean 244 V46cm, H46cm
Naples Petrol 559, Ink 563, Conker 299 V64cm, H69cm
Oregan Slate 177, Damson 955, Midnight 264, Pillarbox 957 V64cm, H68.58cm
Palermo Petrol 559, Cactus, 246, Ink 563, Conker 299 V34.5cm, H32cm
Ribbons Cabochon 202, Graphite 497, Cadet 203, Lagoon 365 V32cm, H32cm
Salerno Retro 899, Apple 140, Mushroom 813, Fresh Blue 557 V18.63cm, H16cm