The Cranborne Collection

The CRANBORNE collection joins the Edmund Bell portfolio of exquisite luxury fabrics. CRANBORNE is a stunning collection of natural prints in a variety of colours. The patterns incorporate the organic flowing beauty of leaves, a pretty nostalgic bird pattern, delicate scrolling, elegant flowers and soft stripes. These designs will complement many interiors for a co-ordinated or contrasting look.

CRANBORNE fabrics have been carefully developed to suit a range of environments. The designs of ARBORETUM, FOLLY, SPINNEY, LOLA, POSY and WOODSTOCK are available in a palette of colours, with a contemporary flavour. Like its namesake, SORBET is light, refreshing and vivacious, with green and pink highlights. MAIZE offers a striking, sharp style in contrasting grey and yellow, MINERAL combines soft blues and greens for a calmer, more tranquil environment. CRANBERRY paints the collection in rich, delicious deep reds and purples, while POMENGRANATE evokes the vibrant golden orange of autumn. Last but not least, TAPESTRY blends red, blue and green for a classic yet stylish motif.

The CRANBORNE fabric collection marries colour and pattern for a gorgeous selection of textiles that will enhance and inspire any interior. These diverse designs can be printed onto a variety of fabrics; including those as lightweight as voiles and as hard wearing as upholstery material, along with classic medium weight fabrics for curtains and bedding.

This collection is the result of considerable investment from Edmund Bell and demonstrates a commitment to innovation and quality for its customers. For over 150 years, Edmund Bell has been honing their product knowledge and manufacturing expertise. This dedication has earned international acclaim as the name behind all the best curtains and the first choice for professional curtain makers.

Colour Swatches